This post is part of a series. The intent of the series is to share random thoughts and updates in the process of building Folio, an app for using decentralized applications.

Folio is an interface for using dapps that will use PhotoBlock to manage private keys and sign transactions (for clarity, I’ll refer to it as a “dapp browser”, though I think this phrase is overused). We’re in the beginning stages of developing Folio and our plan is to document the entire development process in blog posts. Blogging about the process opens the floor for discussion about specific choices we’re making and documents how things actually work within the app that might be nice to reference later.

Before we start blogging about the process of actually developing the app, I first want to briefly outline the reasons behind making Folio mobile first.

  1. Mobile is accessible to more people, which aligns with TryCrypto’s vision of making blockchain accessible to everyone
  2. Folio would be the first mobile dapp interface that is 100% blockchain-agnostic (as far as we can tell)
  3. Dapp browsers on mobile today are (for the most part) difficult to use and empathy for users is lacking

And so it begins! The mobile development process.

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